A Moment For The Dancer

Taken by Sophia Avery

My feet hurt from dancing, they have claimed a different grace of speed now, a place of serenity that travels to my heart. I sit and remind myself to take a breather, With the world outside the glass of my eyes, what do I see? Is any of it real? Or is it just like this small room I contain myself in, each edge of the walls tell me different stories about myself, things I have to accept but not all that I like, some make me smile, some make me want to rage. Things I try to berry under my toes in the fresh dirt. A tiny dancer in a pond, I am. With shattering hearts that come to witness my dancing, do they witness this pain? Or do they witness my grace? I am sad within my confined world, sad of the voices in my stone walls, I am breaking free though, seeking new roads, traveling beyond my own comfort of space. I’m breaking out of this cocoon. Letting everyone see my nakedness, My voice will be vibrating out of my stone skin, my home.

~ moonlightladybug

© Moonlightladybug 2020


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