Fall on Through Me

Taken by Sophia Avery

I take a seat and fall through, It only makes sense.

A lot of the time in life we are like this, accept we keep sitting down, expecting there to be a cushion. We realize there’s something missing, yet make no change or accept that there is something missing.

We fall in love with things, people. Attaching ourselves to them, because if we unattached ourselves we think we wouldn’t have anything else to hold on into.

I have learned to admire the chair, see it in front of me, without having to touch it, without having to sit.

I have learned to love the chair, without tying chains around it and claiming it as mine. I have learned to unlatch myself from things I know are causing the same outcome because of my own perception, my own hold on them causing changes from my side, my energy.

I have learned this chair, it has only ever meant to be admired for what it is on it’s own. In return, I admire what I am in this moment, without the shackles, without the fear.

~ moonlightladybug

© Moonlightladybug 2020

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