I Have So Much Compassion For The World

With everything that has been going on in the world past, present and future I do feel compassion, love can heal anything.

It breaks my heart to see what goes on daily. The way people treat other people, creatures. They forget we are all ONE. We are also treating ourself this way, the more we fall down the rabbit hole the more it’s harder to climb out, that’s why so many are conditioned and blind to what’s happening. I had a really bad dream last night, I was holding a poor piglet in my arms. I was telling her I am here for her, I will be her mommy as she moves on. It was so vivid, it was very much REAL. Some part in the world she or he is laying there without their mommy. I woke up in tears, the pain that was running through me just made me so angry. I wish I could cuddle all the poor innocent creatures who don’t have a mommy anymore being tortured, and also the mommy’s who are about to be. I just want to scream, I don’t understand how people can be so cruel towards other living things!

And with all the bad I see, I also see potential for more good! If the bad guys can ripple out that much bad, we can ripple out so much good. My actions, your actions, combined, make magic.

I do see a peaceful future. This is a reminder for those who see all the bad too, you’re making a change. ❤️

I also send so much healing to Australia. ❤️

~ moonlightladybug

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