The Record Player ~ A Poem

Falling in love is the easiest thing in the world,

falling out of love is the most painful.

My mind is too stubborn to accept my broken heart.

I am the record player,

Playing the same melody,

so you wouldn’t sense a change,

As there isn’t a change for you.

You don’t notice how it is changing us,

I do.

I have a front row seat of our love,

I was so in love with it that I fell out of love.

There’s a million and one reasons,

I could name all of the millions out there,

but all pain,

is the same pain.

I think it started when I felt like a ghost in the room,

Wondering why I was there at all.

I think it started when I wanted to be held and cuddled close,

instead you where holding a book closer,

I think it started when I had to touch you,

for you to touch me.

Kiss you,

So you would kiss me.

Miss you,

So you would miss me.

I try to distract myself, while you distract yourself unknowingly.

Yet I can see through my eyes into your eyes,

You love me so completely,

While I am completely unloving you.

I feel us growing apart,

Like seperate lines on paper.

I want to fix something,

I know I cannot fix.

And that’s the worst feeling in the world,

when you’re still trying to love someone in return that loves you that completely.

It just keeps fading away, further and further from your reach,

Turning into frustration.

How are we the same puzzle,

When I’m not fitting into your edges anymore?

I am breaking,

Trying my best to fit still,

But soon the pieces will be all broken on my end.

The pieces that once made me in love with you,

the same small pieces,

are what is cause for me growing apart from you.

I’m trying to mend a feeling I use to feel,

the love I used to have for you,

and I know it’s going to tear me a p a r t more than you,

because I’ve lost every fracture of it.

~ moonlightladybug

© Moonlightladybug 2020

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