🦋 Butterflies 🦋

Taken by Sophia Avery

Butterflies have always been very special to me. At a very dark time of my life years back they showed up mysteriously, I did like butterflies back then but once I noticed how much they started to show up in my dark time they had a deeper place inside for me, it’s not easy to explain the feeling, I just took notice. 🌞

Ever since then, I don’t see butterflies as much, unless I’m having a down day they would show up more.

With all of this magic, I think butterflies truly are a positive omen and give us signs for change is to come, As after my darkest times, I always come out feeling better than ever and have a serene outlook on life even more. I also chose to hang on and push myself. I hope this inspires others, that small things like this if you really take notice are always there giving you a nudge to keep going. Even this post is a sign for you! 🦋🦋🦋

~ moonlightladybug


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