The Life Of Sophia 😸

Hi, my names Sophia,

Here’s all the weird stuff about me 😋

I have been wanting to do this, not Just to make new friends but to also share with the world about me and inspire others to do the same, I’ve always been very out there even though at times I can be completely shy, and then 5 minutes later, social butterfly.

This post is so that others like I mentioned can freely also share, like a spark. There’s so many beautiful people in the world who should share their spark! ☺️🌷

For people who don’t know me yet, I’m quite all over the place with everything, I can never stick to one thing. I will start something and get back to it months, years, or not at all. I have no compass at all, I think I broke it a long time ago.

I could love the color yellow today, tomorrow orange.

I don’t mind having a broken compass, it allows me to explore myself, others and the world around me much better and in depth.

I love to do art which includes writing, painting, music. Anything that fuses my heart.

I love being out in nature. It’s my favorite place to paint or be free in, I believe I was a fairy in the spiritual realm. I have always been drawn to fairies. ✨

I love anything magical in general. Life has magic in everything. ❤️

I love to be barefoot, sinking my toes into the soil, or sand. I often get things stuck in my foot, or cut. I never learn.

I’m also very clumsy!

I am like a puppy when it comes to meeting new people, so often I have to quiet myself down and my wagging tail. Hehehe 🌞

Please feel free to comment about yourself, I love to make new friends and expressing to each other. ✨🦊

~ moonlightladybug


  1. Hi Sophia! It’s great to use writing as a way to fill the soul. I do the same, and use WordPress as a empty-into-the-void mostly 🙂 it’ll be fun to learn about you!

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