Finding Your Self Love Again

Ever sit there and wonder where the old you went? Where did you run away too? The answer is, they never left. They are just sitting in the corner with hands on the cheeks waiting for you to come back down from the clouds.

I went through something recently, I found myself losing connection with the world and people around me. It wasn’t a phase or depression. I did feel really sad though. People weren’t understanding me, I wasn’t understanding them. Communication was in the wind. I really felt like I was standing at a glass and people could see me but just didn’t understand.

I couldn’t quite understand why I was feeling this way until I noticed how much I wasn’t painting anymore, how much I wasn’t writing, singing, dancing or being me anymore. How much I wasn’t connected to myself anymore. So how could people communicate with me, for me to receive and to also communicate back?

Something took me off track of who I was, I had to find my self love again. My inner child.

Y’know when you’re a little munchkin, and you don’t have a care in the world, only for that candy you weren’t allowed to get. I wanted to go back to that place. That place was good. It’s always good. Your inner child, never ages. Your inner child goes outside those lines, because lines are just lines. Lines had nothing against us, we didn’t allow them too. So why do we let them now?

We lose our sense of self when we indulge and stray away from ourselves. When we go against our spirit, speaking negative thoughts to it. Feeding our bodies with things because things get pretty dark inside, yet we think it’s so pretty to be there.

I was never one to get addicted to anything, there I was going on getting addicted to a few things. My focus, wasn’t focused. I was falling into a slumber of my own mind, I had to wake myself up.

I have started writing again, doing art, music and dancing. I am starting to feel my spirit dance with my gravity again. I don’t feel stuck, confused, or miscommunication with people anymore. I have my language back.

If you’ve lost your language and self, ask your spirit what you’ve begun to miss. Does it need watering? Sunlight? A splash of colorful art?

Once you ask, and actually take notice, the answer will come to you. Surrender to your spirit the way your inner child does. Self love will come over flowingly. The answer is within the answer, because that’s what self love is. Overflowing yourself with what you love to do, talking to yourself, getting to know yourself. Taking note of small things that are going wrong down the road so they don’t form into bigger things. Taking care of your inner child so it will spread roots deeper within and blossom the you that you are.

Peace and love,

~ moonlightladybug


  1. That’s so true! I totally agree. I’m always telling people I want to go back to being just 7, with not a care in the world. Nobody understands! But lately, I’ve been figuring myself out as well. I guess I’m becoming more artsy and happy now that I’m writing a blog. It helps me talk to people and share my views with the world.
    Ella x

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