Flying Alone For The First Time? How To Make The Journey Fun!

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Hi lovely humans! Today I’m sharing my first travel experience alone, while also giving tips on how to make it fun and not so scary!

I’m sure everyone’s first time for anything is scary but I think traveling alone is pretty darn scary. There’s so many people around that you don’t know, You start to over think everything (like I did haha.) It’s a funny thing though, you can be around so many people and yet feel more alone than ever.

What did I get up to?

Well, I definitely made sure I ate before my flight. While on the flight as well. Gotta keep that energy flowing! 🙂

My true fun started when I had to catch my connecting flight to Toronto. Something popped up wrong for my passport and suddenly I had to wait another few hours but while I was waiting for them to fix and get me sorted, I made a friend! They where having the exact same issue with their passport. This is also one of those times I stop to remind myself of how the universe can be so mysterious and put things or people into your path.

So, along with all of this I told myself to remain calm and patient, traveling sometimes there are things that go wrong. That’s okay. If anything It made me feel so much better because It was one worry off the list, allowing me to continue to my route of travel, while also making an awesome friend along the way!

Since my next flight would be in a few hours, my new friend had to wait the same, so I asked if they would like to chat and be airport buddies. It was awesome, we talked about a lot of deep things and had a few laughs.

The rest of my journey was still a little off key because of my passport issues. Although so much was happening I was still happy as heck and really enjoyed traveling by myself. The biggest thing for that was because I remained calm when there where issues, if I had let myself dwell in them I don’t think I would have enjoyed my traveling experience as much. So, with that, that would be one of the things traveling. Take things as they come, stay calm, go with the flow of it all. Things only get as bad as we allow them to make us feel.

Another tip for fear in traveling, look around where ever you are, there are stores near by, there’s food and sometimes they have mini bookstores. I love to find an interesting book and get lost in it for a little while, it helps to distract any crazy emotions going on, like overthinking or worries. It even makes your flight shorter! Although, if you’re like me you love looking out the window of the plane, that’s fascinating on it’s own.

I hope reading this somehow helps someone!

Peace and love,

~ moonlightladybug


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