First Chapter to my new book “Faceless”

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Chapter 1 ~ Vincent

Dear Diary,

November 18th, 1983

“I feel lost, and lonely in this home by myself. There is a hole in the ceiling above me, just like my broken heart. It’s pouring outside and this paper I am writing on is getting drenched.

I swear I can still hear her voice in the hallways. I swear I can still smell her scent in the heavy air. Even in the garden, her scent masks the other flowers as though they are not even there.

She knew how to come in, steal my heart, damage it a few times and still have me love her without a fracture.

Every evening I take a stroll down to the dock near my cottage, there is a boat that docks there after every long day and it reminds me of her, so I await it’s visit with the tides. What of the boats on the sea? Their windows and sailors see beauty so vast and deeply. I am stuck here on land wondering my own depths.

I watch the sun set itself, so perfectly, without fault. It has it’s own destiny much like the moon, and still, I sit here and wallow in desperation to be just as perfect. Instead, I am an old building ready to collapse, waiting to be rebuilt.”

Chapter 1 from book “Faceless”

If you would like to stay up to date on this book, I am posting new chapters weekly here on my wattpad. Once I am done the whole book it will be available for kindle and paperback as well! 🙂 thank you for the support.

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