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  • Shed My Skin ~ Poem

    I know the angels dance, I’ll shed my heart for you just once. The earth will move on its own, and in another star I fell, I’d call the number given to me. I know you’re deceiving me and this love is blind. The air is chill, the clock is off. It’s in my blood, I shed my skin. Open your heart, let it grow, open your eyes. I was born in this world with this life to carry, don’t stop the process till death and start all over. Then sometimes I’m afraid to feel what I think and I’m afraid to think what I feel. When I think what I feel would fight the other. Keep secrets with the self, tear ones heart away, who put it there in the first place? 

    Worlds later, in some way I survived. Awareness that the threat’s not in the sky, It’s in my eyes and the perciever. What’ll I do, what can I be, what am I supposed to believe? When all there is, is distant musings.

    ~ © Sophia Whitecross

  • To Die Peacefully ~ Poem

    She used to think of it as if she knew it better and it hurt her more than it did her pride. That all she had to give was a kiss to open her sleepy eyes.

    When the time would slow, that all she wanted was to touch the sky.

    Takes a good woman to the grave and to die peacefully. There’s a smile on her lips and the world begins to spin, the cancer gone from her veins.

    That midnight tea party impressionist,

    time was right. With lovers far away, your love kept her company. When the time was through, It was like a new direction when she awoke.

    The sweeter world was headed for a smoke. Your mind was headed for the woods…she went back to her Angel form on the other side.

    ~ © Sophia Whitecross

  • Real ~ Poem

  • A sea, a river, a sun, a fire ~ Poem

    I am not afraid of getting caught up in a dream that’s been tossed and turned and found somebody’s heart. I am not afraid of a dream that has been there since the beginning but my hope is not in the dream, that’s all it takes. A voice, a story you can understand. A vision that’s gone astray. A sea, a river, a sun, a fire. I am not afraid of a heart, of a thought, of a dance that can bring you nowhere. I am not afraid of a love, of a love that goes on and on. I am not afraid of a dream, that’s all it takes.

    ~ © Sophia Whitecross

  • Scarecrow ~ Poem
    You were on twelve strings
    looking in the mirror. You found yourself somebody else's tune. Yet still, you stood there in front of you, wearing your sorrows on your sleeve, like a scarecrow. Waiting for the morning to come. It's getting late, it's time to leave. Don't take the blame, don't take the time to doubt me.
    You're just trying to be the change you want to see. It's all around you, it's all around you. Don't be ashamed of the things that you treasure, don't take the compliment, don't take the pressure. One last time afraid, now afraid of the past. 
    ~ Sophia Whitecross 
  • Her ~ Poem

  • New Tears ~ Poem
  • Eyes ~ Poem
  • See ~ Poem

    Poem from my poetry book “Surrender To Thyself” ✨☀️ hopefully going to be finished soon and can release it. My heart doesn’t feel it’s quite the time yet though, I think more has to be scribbled down in this book. My chapters for it are not completed 🌙

  • Higher Self ~ Poem
  • Behold Me ~ Poem

    Behold me. I’ve got a dream, there’s a way to be found. You can just bend the rules, when it comes to worshiping certain gods. I believe in the end. I need no prayers to wash my soul, keep my word, even salvation’s nothing. You need no secrets just to survive, they say I’m blessed yes I am. I believe that, if I keep living, this could be written in stone. I believe in the power of silence spread, a healing mirror, gives me a path to overcome. I need no confessions too careful just to stay. Before I’m forgiven I need no heavy meds and injections. 

    ~ © Sophia Whitecross

  • Time Of Choice ~ Poem
  • Freak Ambition Torn ~ Poem

    Looking out for me, I’ve seen you walk right into the one. You never stay free, but you just act the one. I love the way you talk, as if our words were a stream inside lungs. To the place where you’re sealed, with some undertow. 

    Rocked undertow, cold iron brick. Well, I’m in love with you. Freak ambition torn, guess it must be just sin. The lion with a bite that won’t heal. 

    ~ © Sophia Whitecross 

  • A Natural Story



    Another piece that is part of my art collection “Surrender To Thyself” have been working on this one and a few others at a time. I think this one is the most personal and my favorite out of all of the collection I’m doing. 

    Also, the inspired poem below is part of my new poetry book “Surrender To Thyself” 🌹

    A Natural Story – Poem

    World of soot and paint

    Won’t you lay down your guns and surrender to me?

    Take me and make me your lady

    I want to be your lady

    I’m addicted 

    It’s a natural story

    Yes, it is, I’ve tried it

    So hard to find

    Something that is true

    When I was young, when I was mad

    Yes, and now I’m a woman 

    For you, for me, for all the world

    In my mind, the world outside

    The house I live in is a home so far away

    So much more

    When I am living in my mind

    So much more

    When I have my mind

    ~ © Sophia Whitecross

  • The Seasons Have Changed Again ~ Poem

    The sun rose in the west, burned my heart from north to south. The seasons changed again. The skies are more gray now, The smell of rain clouds. The sweet smell of tarragon.
    The salty wind is a distant feeling clashing to my skin.
    A cairn has been awoken, the stars sound like symphonies and the tempest should rise. And so I’ll close my eyes, pretending love to linger but I feel an empty heart. When you say it’s only for love, you think only of me. You make me weak and lonely minded. It will milk the demise of the world, I’ll offer sweet surrender of the rainbow. My heart is filled with love, with sweet surrender of the rainbow.

    ~ © Sophia Whitecross

  • The Chemical Map Of Perfection ~ Poem

    I can’t wait another minute, like a child who’s been held up, I just want me to be the one. I can’t wait another minute, like a child who’s been held up. I just, I just need a chance, to feel what’s under my skin. I just wanna be the one to share, I want to be who I’m trying to be. I try to be. A part of the story of the human brain, the chemical map of perfection. The story of why I love so. All those years, about to go away, living proof if you’re lucky. Finding your way back in. 

    ~ © Sophia Whitecross

  • Believe ~ Poem

    On the pavement in the name of my body

    I could walk with a special kind of clarity

    I believe in the power of things

    You believe in the power of magic

    And I believe in the power of love

    ~ © moonlightladybug

  • Love ~ Poem
    And we're both on the outside
    We're not running
    And the music is down
    I can't tell you how I feel
    But I know that sometimes
    It rages to the bone
    It rages in my soul like a winter night
    It rages in my mind and I love it
    Love it, evolve it
    ~ © moonlightladybug 
  • Art ~ Poem
  • “Today that I lost you, You”

    Medium~ Acrylic
    By Sophia Whitecross

    This piece is also part of my new art collection “Surrender To Thy Self” 🖤

    “I lost the habitation peacefully, and I got a feeling
    Today that I lost you, today
    You can’t go back,
    you gotta stay where you were
    It’s hard enough to let go,
    it wouldn’t change it
    Blame it on the cracks in the roof of your mind
    Maybe you’ve only a week to open up”

    ~ © moonlightladybug

  • The Way We’ve Waited ~ Poem

    The way we’ve waited

    And the moments we waste

    The way we waste our time

    To keep this wish

    To hear you laugh

    In my old flame

    Wherever you are

    I’ll be there 

    Come and hold your hands tonight

    We were strangers

    Looking our inestimable

    Each of us was shattered

    ~ © moonlightladybug 

  • I’m Coming Home ~ Poem

    The only thing I wanted that I ever owned

    Was an ill taste dripping from my mouth

    All I know is what I can see

    And it was just an act of God, the universe itself

    I made a choice to make your body wait

    And they’ll say oh my god

    You do things this way

    I hear you say things this way

    Are you living in paradise

    Or are the things living you

    Just a natural part of you

    You try to make sense of it all

    But suddenly all you seem to do is cry

    You wouldn’t know it if you could hear me calling out for you

    I’m coming home

    I’m coming home

    ~ © moonlightladybug 

  • Turn The Spark ~ Poem

    In the shadows of my dreams

    I know there’ll always be another man here who will have the gift of all those words

    But I won’t go there, I’m sure there’s something else, somewhere inside

    Don’t go there, I’m sure there’s something else, somewhere inside

    You’ve never been through a system before

    No memory’s brief and the memory’s long

    And I can’t imagine how you could lose the spark

    And turn the spark

    We were both ready to take the pill

    Walking the streets staring at the ceiling

    You walked up to me and you asked if we were alone

    And I said “We both are”

    As we talked about the need to find a way to share

    And I said “But I have both wings of a raven”

    ~ © moonlightladybug

  • Feels Like Mine ~ Poem

    I just like the heat

    I can feel you in my jeans

    It’s been a long time coming

    It’s my favorite time

    And I can’t wait to show my teeth

    But I can’t move, just standing there

    I wanna see you in the alley

    The street lights flash

    And I’m already wearing the smell of perfume on my skin

    I want to feel you in my veins

    My mouth aglow

    With the sweet, delicious taste of our bodies


    Make me watch the street lights

    As we kiss for the countdown

    My body just feels like mine

    ~ © moonlightladybug 

  • Renting ~ Poem

    The night will fall into the city

    There’s an old man on the corner

    Living in a hollow in New Orleans

    He never slept a wink

    He came home from work

    The night will fall into the city

    There’s a woman who lives in a hollow in New Orleans

    In the hollow out on the edge of town

    She takes off her clothes

    You know the woman don’t mind letting them drag her down the street

    Nothin’ left for her to move into the corner

    Nothin’ left for the man that she had made her life

    Just to be the kind of woman that Jesus was born in

    She goes out in the evening papers

    And begins to sell her shoes

    Three times the fun don’t ask why

    She isn’t living

    She’s renting

    ~ © moonlightladybug

  • So Many Years Gone Yet ~ Poem

    So Many Years Gone Yet

    I can be cruel, can be a pain,

    So tell me someone,

    What he see’s in me a little blinding,

    So many years gone yet

    Now the music she played was a symphony

    So she could fly and she played with all the beauty,

    And I can see why there would be a hallelujah in his touch,

    What her lover had locked in her eyes,

    Now she’s back in her senses with a pain that she can’t forget,

    And it’s killing me within her that she has run too far,

    And I know she left him with nothing in these pages,

    in the river next door

    That’s the way Ietheless go

    Don’t know how, don’t know the when

    I’m in the deeper dark, you’re all I know

    If you could change the weather to all you want, would you?

    ~ © moonlightladybug

  • The Moment ~ Poem

    It’s the moment this moment is born

    So many things that we long for

    And so our eyes are made to see

    But there’s a place

    Where I can touch your heart

    And your eyes, just our imagination

    Can lead us both deeper in love

    And the one that will always know,

    And when I think of you

    I’m drawing out my soul, drawing out my mind

    I’m always reminding myself it’s you

    The one I want in return

    You taught me all the ways that I can fall to pieces

    While remaining me

    ~ © moonlightladybug

  • Songbird ~ Poem


    You’re my songbird

    Love my words

    You’re the only one

    How many thoughts am I dealing with

    Why oh grey dust wander off into the fire?

    Don’t keep me in a dream

    I don’t wish to escape from the real of reality

    The days are cloudy and the nights long

    I’ll look at things that I shouldn’t be

    Just want to get that freedom

    Yes I can’t hold it in

    I will be someone new

    Somewhere else

    ~ © moonlightladybug

  • Relationships in Spirituality, How To Use Them To Guide You, Everyone Is A Mirror 
  • The Things You Cannot See Digital Art

    “The Things You Cannot See”
    Digital art 🕊✨
    Created on Procreate
    By Sophia Whitecross

    “You’ll keep me warm in your arms
    I’d ask you to hide me behind a simple coat
    I do have to get my feet back
    For the times they have been wrong before
    But I know worse than these foolish things will get tossed away
    the last time’s a good time to be alive

    The last time’s a good time to be alive
    The last time’s a good time to be alive
    When you see God there’s no believing what you see
    And the things you cannot see

    Letting your heart be made flesh under cover
    Your body then speaks on the wonders
    And your head is God’s chosen advisor
    So now your whole life is alive
    The things you cannot see
    The things you cannot see

    The last time’s a good time to be alive
    The last time’s a good time to be alive
    When you see God there’s no believing what you see
    And the things you cannot see.”

    ~ © moonlightladybug

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  • Spirituality & Identity
  • Living Through Others

    “Only through experience of trial and suffering can one begin to see the immense promise of living through others.”

    ~ © moonlightladybug

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